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Why You Shouldn't Neglect Auto Body Repairs

Shouldn't Neglect Auto Body RepairsIf you experience a minor auto collision (a "fender bender") that causes a dent but doesn't appear to affect how the vehicle drives, you might be tempted to skip the auto body repairs and let the damage remain. This can be especially tempting if the vehicle is older and already has some scratches and dents, or if the collision wasn't your fault, and you're looking at a nice insurance settlement check that could be spent elsewhere.

However, you need to be aware that anytime a vehicle makes contact with another vehicle or object, it can cause a chain reaction of unexpected consequences which might not appear right away. Even if you think the damage is minor, it's still wise to take it to a trusted collision repair shop for an assessment, at least. Here are just a few reasons why it's best not to put off or avoid auto body repairs.

Unseen damage

Just because a dent seems minor, that doesn't mean it is. Beneath those outer layers of paint and metal are layers underneath which might have sustained damage. Additionally, your car is meticulously designed for every part to fit in its place, and when one part gets damaged or changes shape, it can throw the other parts out of place, eventually having an effect on how your vehicle drives, and possibly creating further damage.

Exposure to the elements

Your car's paint job isn't just for looks; it's also a protective coating that keeps the metal underneath from rusting or corroding. When a collision occurs, the paint's integrity is compromised, leaving the metal beneath exposed to the elements. This can eventually cause rust and deterioration, leading to more expensive repairs later on. (It costs less to repair a dent than it does to replace and paint-match an entire portion of the body.)

Possible frame damage

Any auto collision (even a minor one) can affect the structure of your vehicle in ways that aren't apparent--including compromising the vehicle's frame. If the frame was weakened in the collision, the vehicle might not protect you in the event of another collision. Only a trained auto body technician can tell whether your vehicle needs frame repair.

The truth is, whenever your car experiences auto body damage, it can create complications and more costly repairs down the road if left unrepaired--so even for minor collisions, it's best to take it in for collision repair. For reliable auto body repair in Portland, trust the I-CAR certified professionals at ADESA's Auto & Truck Collision Repair. They have more than six decades of experience in restoring vehicles like yours to pre-collision condition; they also offer quality truck and RV collision repairs, and even have a 50' paint booth for painting larger vehicles. You can also save money on your repairs by checking out their online special offers. For a free estimate on auto body repairs, ADESA's can be reached at 503-674-5463.

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