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The Importance of Auto Frame Straightening

Auto Frame Straightening Portland ORIf your car is involved in a collision, it's important to understand that safe auto body repair is not just about removing the dents or repainting. In many cases, the frame of the vehicle is damaged or pushed out of alignment, and auto frame straightening becomes a key to restoring the vehicle to pre-collision safety standards. Without this procedure, your car would likely not protect you or your family in case of another collision.

How the auto frame protects you

The frame of your vehicle is not just about giving your car its sleek, sexy shape. Think of it as a skeletal structure for your car that keeps it from collapsing on you under its own weight. Not only that, but vehicle manufacturers create these frames with strategic "crumple points" that are designed to protect the car's occupants in case of an auto collision by giving way at certain points. In other words, the car is designed to crumple around you in the hope that you will not get "crumpled."

When a collision occurs, these crumple points are often triggered, and the frame becomes weakened or "breaks." Without proper auto frame straightening and repair, even if the frame looks okay, the integrity of the metal may still be compromised so that the vehicle frame is unable to protect you the next time. The same holds true for truck and RV collisions; the frames of these vehicles will also need to be straightened and repaired to ensure safety.

What happens during frame straightening

When you bring your damaged vehicle to the truck and auto body repair shop, the repair technician will inspect the frame carefully, using precision ultrasound technology to assess the damage and the structural integrity of the metal. In cases of minor damage, the technician will use computerized equipment to calculate precise alignment and bend the frame back to its original position. This is often enough to restore the vehicle to its proper safety rating. However, if the damage is too severe to restore integrity simply by bringing the frame back into place, the technician will turn to a process known as vehicle frame welding, in which he will cut out the damaged metal portions and weld new pieces into place. This process reinforces the frame at the damaged points so safety is restored.

Restoring your car to pre-collision condition isn't just about restoring its appearance, but also about restoring its ability to protect its driver and passengers. This is why you should only entrust collision repair to I-CAR certified professionals. In Portland, the experts at ADESA's Auto & Truck Collision Repair offer nearly 60 years of proven auto body repair experience, with the highest I-CAR certification rating available. For a free estimate on auto frame straightening and other collision repairs, they can be reached at 503-674-5463.

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