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Keeping Up With Collision Repair Technology

Collision Repair TechnologyAs automobile designs get more and more advanced, the automotive and collision repair industries have had to evolve in order to adapt. The good news is that advances in collision repair technology now help auto body repair technicians restore vehicles better than ever before, with precision repairs from frame straightening right down to the paint job, so no one can tell the vehicle was even damaged. In short, these technological advances help us do a better job than ever before in restoring your vehicle to pre-collision condition.

Computerized frame straightening

Collision repair technology now allows repair technicians to use computerized measuring to assist in frame straightening. This brings a level of precision that was previously impossible, enabling the technician to repair the frame exactly to the manufacturer specifications for your vehicle, and restoring its safety in the process.

Computerized alignment

A vehicle that is improperly aligned after a collision will not drive the same way after it leaves the auto body shop as it did before the crash. Computerized alignment technologies allow the technician greater precision in vehicle and wheel alignment, so your vehicle will be restored to proper balance and your tires won't wear unevenly.

Computerized paint matching

Before now, a perfect paint match was nearly impossible, but recent technological advances now allow the technician to match the exact shade, flake, tint, flake and finish of your vehicle's paint job, so you can't even tell where the dents or damage occurred.

Computerized estimates

Computers even allow us to be more accurate with our estimates, and mobile technology allows us to provide those estimates on-site, before you ever bring the car into the shop.

The effects of collision repair technology

Of course, these technological advances make our jobs easier and more accurate, but there is a flip side. New technologies also mean that collision repair technicians must go through ongoing training to keep up with the technology and to learn the latest techniques and trends in auto body repair. This means it's now more important than ever that you look for a collision repair shop that is ASE and I-CAR certified, so you know the technicians there are properly trained and qualified to repair and repaint your vehicle.

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