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Dealing With Dents, Dings and Scratches

They're usually not a safety issue, but nobody likes them. We're talking about dents, dings and scratches on your car. Not only do they make your car look bad, but left unrepaired (depending on their severity) they can eventually cause rust and deterioration to the body of your car. A good auto body shop can usually repair dents, dings and scratches with a quick turnaround time, and usually at a modest cost, to help keep your vehicle's finish looking its best.


Most scratches are more of an annoyance than anything, but if the scratch runs below the paint into the primer or the metal, it can open the door to rust, flaking and chipping, all of which can lead to more expensive auto body repairs. Typically your repair technician can repair minor scratches by sanding and buffing the area until the paint no longer shows a scratch. If the scratch is deeper, it may require some computerized paint matching.

Dents and Dings

Minor dents and dings are usually not a major issue, either, and if the paint has not been damaged, your auto body repair specialist will be able to perform paintless dent removal using a series of tools to tap out the dent from inside the affected panel. However, again, if the paint has been damaged by the severity of the dent, your technician will opt for traditional dent removal, followed by paint matching.

It's natural for your car to get scratched over time, and even to experience a few dents and dings now and then but it's not necessary to leave them there. To get your vehicle looking like new again, it's important to have the work performed by a qualified, trained auto body specialist rather than attempting to do the work yourself. In Portland, ADESA's Auto & Truck Collision Repair has been providing quality auto body repair, collision repair, and even truck and RV collision repair services for more than 60 years. For a free estimate on repairs of dents, dings and scratches, they can be reached at 503-674-5463--and be sure to check their online special offers for additional savings!

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