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What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Every time you get behind the wheel (and sometimes just when your car is parked) there is a chance of being involved in an accident. While some accidents cause major damage that require panels to be replaced, frames straightened and vehicles to be repainted, many times there is just a small dent that is more unsightly than anything. If your car has suffered the latter it will likely qualify for paintless dent removal. This form of auto body repair will help keep the cost of repair low, while still restoring your car to showroom condition.

If a collision repair technician suggests paintless dent removal for your vehicle it can be expected to work perfectly about 90 percent of the time when performed by a certified technician. That last part is important, as you may see roadside tent stands advertising completion of paintless dent removal, but many of these folks are not well-trained and certainly are not I-CAR Certified. For the best results be sure you always take your vehicle to a professional auto body repair shop anytime you need to have damage repaired.

To complete paintless dent repair an auto body technician uses a special set of tools to tap out the dent from behind the panel. There are many take-home kits that claim to remove dents with ease but without hours of training they will not work as well as an expert technician completing the repair. To be able to fully remove a dent it takes lots of skill, which is why you should only trust a trained professional to complete the job.

Paintless dent repair works best on dents on door panels, trunk lids or on the hood. Other locations may allow for it, too, but it depends on the size and shape of the dent and if the paint has already been damaged. Ask a professional auto body tech to make the call if PDR is right for your situation. They may determine that spot painting may be performed if your vehicle's finish has been compromised.

Following an accident don't neglect fixing auto body damage. Failure to do so, or at least having it evaluated, can lead to bigger problems down the road. If your car or truck has suffered a dent and you're interested in the possibilities of professional paintless dent removal in Portland bring your vehicle to ADESA Auto & Truck Collision Repair. Our team can repair all types of damage to personal and commercials cars, trucks and SUVs, as well as big rigs and RVs! Call ADESA's today at 503-674-5463 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate or superior auto body repair in Portland!

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