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Repairing Damaged Vehicle Frames

Repairing Damaged Vehicle FramesAutomotive frame repairs must be done by certified technicians to very rigorous standards, as a strong frame is absolutely paramount for driver and passenger safety. In some ways, a car's frame is a lot like an undamaged aluminum soda can that's strong and straight. Once it's crushed or even dented, its foundation is undermined and its structural integrity compromised. Even when pulled back into its original form, the metal is severely weakened and will crush far more easily in the future.

A vehicle's damaged frame is similar, and if not properly repaired can crush more easily in a future collision, jeopardizing driver and passenger safety. There are typically two methods of vehicle frame repair.

Car Frame Straightening

Frame straightening is the process of bending metal back into original shape. Auto body shops employ computerized tools to determine correct alignment with the most precision and accuracy, and an ultrasound machine is also used to measure degree of damage. If done correctly, the frame can be restored to its pre-collision condition.

Vehicle Frame Welding

If damage is too severe for frame straightening, the technician may recommend cutting out bent parts of the frame and welding in new pieces. Done correctly, the metal at the weld points provides the same structural integrity as the frame in its original condition.

When Repair is Out of the Question

Remember that the frame is an essential component protecting the vehicle's occupants in a collision, and repairing it entails a lot more than just restoring its original shape. It's also about restoring the structural integrity to absorb the force of any new impact as if never damaged. If an auto body mechanic deems the frame to be too severely damaged, he may recommend the vehicle be scrapped. It's then in your best interest to replace the car.

For car frame repairs by an auto body repair shop repairing vehicles in the Portland area for over 60 years, ADESA's Auto & Truck Collision Repair can be reached at 503-674-5463. ADESA's also specializes in truck and RV restoration.

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