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5 Safe Driving Tips for Avoiding Auto Collisions

5 Safe Driving Tips for Avoiding Auto CollisionsWe know it helps to have a trusted collision repair shop in your corner in case you need it, but it would obviously be better if you never needed us at all. While you can't control the actions of other drivers on the road, many auto collisions are completely preventable by practicing a few simple, safe driving habits. Here are five common-sense tips to help reduce your chances for a collision:

1. Practice defensive driving

There are entire driving courses geared around this concept, but the underlying principle behind defensive driving is to anticipate the unexpected moves of other drivers so you can avoid collisions. This means always being aware of who and what is around you, and never assuming that another driver is going to behave how you expect. Always keep a safe distance behind other cars (the 3-second rule is a good one), keep your eyes moving, watch the sides of the road, check your mirrors, and so on. Being prepared to react can often save your car from expensive auto body repairs, and may even save your life.

2. Avoid distracted driving

Oregon has strict rules concerning cell phone use while driving.  Don't talk on the phone while driving, and if you must, use a hands-free solution (unless you're under 18, in which case, just stay off the phone). NEVER text while driving. Additionally, avoid other distractions while behind the wheel, including looking for something in your car, turning around to talk to someone in the back seat, etc.

3. Take extra care driving at night

The main danger of driving at night is what's lurking out of sight or in unlit areas. Wildlife by the road is an auto collision waiting to happen. A good habit is to drive so that you could stop within the distance of your headlights if you needed to. Scan the sides of the road for wildlife (or have a friend in the front seat help you), and be prepared to stop quickly if a deer or other animal jumps in front of the car.

4. Never drive while impaired

It goes without saying that you should never drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but driving while fatigued can actually cause you to react in a similar way. Many collisions happen simply because someone fell asleep at the wheel or because fatigue stopped them from being aware. Always be sure you are sober and well-rested before getting behind the wheel.

5. Keep up with auto maintenance

Many collisions happen because faulty brakes or bald tires affect your ability to control the vehicle. Keep your tires properly inflated, rotate and change the tires when necessary, and replace worn brake pads.

Even when practicing safe driving habits, some auto collisions will still be unavoidable. If and when a collision happens, ADESA's Auto Truck Collision Repair has a 60-year history of matchless service in the Portland area, with a Gold Class I-Car certification in auto, truck and RV collision repair; they can be reached for a free estimate at 503-674-5463, and be sure to check their online specials for additional savings.

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