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Is it Necessary to Fix My Car After a Collision?

If you have been involved in a low speed car accident, especially one that didn't involve another vehicle, you may not notice any immediate damage or find the damage to be so little that is doesn't seem worth it to have it fixed. You should think again. Following any accident it is quite important to have a certified collision repair technician take a look at your vehicle. This will do more than just allow you to fix cosmetic issues, you will also be ensuring that your car is safe to drive. Here's more on that and a few other reasons to always have your vehicle looked at by an auto body repair shop following any accident.

Rust Issues

One thing that people don't often consider if they have discovered a scratch, dent or other paint damage on their vehicle is the long term problems it can cause. Any exposed metal is subject to rust issues that can eat away at your car. While it may take quite some time for these issues to become apparent rust can cause major issues down the road, no pun intended. Be sure to have a professional auto body shop assess the damage and allow them to repair any areas of exposed metal to prevent rust from occurring.

Resale Value

Another thing to consider after an accident is the resale value of your car. Even small dings and dents and tiny scratches can beat the price of your vehicle down. Repairing damage may seem like a costly investment, but you will be glad you did it when it comes time to sign over the title of your car to its new owner.

Hidden Damage

As mentioned, it is important to have your vehicle assessed following an accident to make sure it is safe to drive. Even low speed impacts can cause damage to the vehicle's frame, altering its driveability. Frame damage can make a vehicle structurally unsound and cause control issues. When a vehicle is looked at by a collision repair technician they can determine what sort of damage has actually occurred and inform you about all your auto body repair options, often times while providing free estimate.

No matter how slow you were going you need to have the damage checked out, for your own safety and the safety of your passengers. For superior auto body repair in Portland contact ADESA Auto & Truck Collision Repair. Call our highly skilled team today at 503-674-5463 for a free estimate on collision repair in Portland for your personal or commercial vehicle. Be sure you check out our special offers for additional savings!

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